Custom Embossing
Custom Embossing

Custom Embossing

Should you require a custom font or your logo embossed on the cover, add this upgrade item to your cart.

We will create a metal die to be pressed into the cover with great pressure and heat.

Please notice that not every fabric is compatible with embossing at all and some fabrics do not stamp well with clear/blind embossing. Please check the compatibility chart beforehand.

Embossing variants that will not look good:

  • Natural linens + clear embossing = not visible
  • Leather Snow White/Off White + gold embossing = leather damage
  • Caramel/Hazelnut/Stone Leather + clear embossing = barely visible due to distressed look of the leather
  • Premium pastels + clear embossing = barely visible in most cases
  • Premium pastels + white embossing = may have vintage look due to foil not being perfectly filled in
  • Leatherlikes + white/gold embossing = leatherlike damage
  • Premium silk + plain embossing = glue bleed because of super thin fabric. 

Before we make the physical stamp, we will email you the design for confirmation.

Once the stamp is complete, you can use it repeatedly in multiple designs. Great for studio logo!