Easy Pricing

You may have noticed that ariabook / artbook prices are slightly higher compared to the official price list. There is a good reason for this. 

Over the years QT offer grew and we have added new cover options like leather, silks or various cover personalizations. Every one of this options has its own pricing and, frankly, it's too complicated for us, you and your client.

Time to make it simple!

1. Unified page limits across the board

Base number of spreads in all lay flat products like AriaBook, ArtBook, LittleQT, DuoBook will now start with 10 spreads = 20 pages.

Previously: ArtBooks started with 15 spreads, AriaBooks started with 10

2. Nonconfusing cover upgrades.

Our records show that albums with plain cover are just 5% of all orders. If that's the case, easy pricing scheme should include personalization as standard. On top of that, every personalization used to have a different price. That's confusing. 

To uncomplicate that, we have decided to merge down most cover upgrades into one simple flat $50 fee included in the base price.

Within this fee, you can choose any number of upgrades. In most cases, this will be a huge money saver for you. 

Now all you have to consider is the cost generated by extra spreads and options like matching box, should you wish it to match your books cover. 

Examples for 12x12":

  • Premium Silk + Embossing. Previous cost $30 + $20 = $50, Now 50$. No savings.
  • Premium Pastel + Overprint. Previous cost $25 + $20 = $45, Now 50$. No savings.
  • Genuine Leather + Embossing. Previous cost $50 + $30 = $80, Now 50$. You save $20.

Previously: All options were paid on upgrades, various pricing. 

3. Simplified AriaBook collection

AriaBooks may overwhelm you with the number of versions.

Standard or Plus type? Slim, Regular or Thick Page thickness? Various amount of page limits and cover options? Is the presentation box included or not? That's a lot to process. We can make it easier, and we did in this version of QT store. 

There is only one AriaBook, which starts with 10 spreads and comes with the new beautiful basic cardboard box. 

Previously: AriaBooks were divided into Regular and Plus. Plus did come with the linen presentation box and with an option to upgrade to leather/silk. Regular AriaBook was limited to 3 sizes without an option for leather. On top of that there were 3 page thicknesses starting with a different amount of pages. Ouch! ;)