8x8" BloomBook (Plain Cover)
8x8" BloomBook (Plain Cover)
8x8" BloomBook (Plain Cover)
8x8" BloomBook (Plain Cover)
8x8" BloomBook (Plain Cover)
8x8" BloomBook (Plain Cover)
8x8" BloomBook (Plain Cover)

8x8" BloomBook (Plain Cover)

BloomBook is an eco-oriented lay flat photo paper book. By using remnants of RAW linen from the main production and a very nice wood salvaged from the nearby timber mill, we managed to create a beautiful and professional product while keeping the price low.

You can personalize your BloomBook with either standard embossing or the new UV Ink option. 

BloomBook characteristics: 

  • Classic Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper (chemical lab process) 
  • 220gsm lay-flat pages with a semi-flexible feel
  • Print permanence rated at 60+ years

Price includes: 

  • First 10 spreads (capacity 10-60 spreads/20-120 pages)
  • Plain Cover in RAW Linen (this is the only option) 
  • Wood&Linen (Raw Linen) Clamshell Presentation box with magnets. 

      Before you order:

      • Files should be at least 4800x2400px
      • Review our design guidelines
      • Average turnaround time is 2-4 weeks

      BloomBook is printed on Fuji Cristal Archive Paper. This paper tends to render slightly darker and not as vivid images compared to the top of the line Fuji DPII found in AriaBooks.

      If your photographs are considered "moody" please notice that there might be a slight difference in exposure especially in mid tones.

      What is more, please take into consideration that while your screen is lit, paper is not and needs proper viewing conditions. Watching indoors under bulb/fluorescent light will dramatically affects what you see. 

      We strongly advise to order a test book to check our print quality.

        Check Your Order!
        Any changes to your album or errors which affect album cost (like more files uploaded that the spread count) will require cancelling original order and placing a new one. Pretty please, double check information above as editing album from the cart is not possible!