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PRIMABOOK designs must not be printed across the red line or paper cracking may occur.

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PrimaBook 10x10"
PrimaBook 10x10"
PrimaBook 10x10"
PrimaBook 10x10"

PrimaBook 10x10"

Important Update! 24/08/2022 PRIMABOOK IS ON HOLD

We are experiencing technical issues. Please contact our support team BEFORE placing the order to discuss your options. Thank you for your understanding! 

PrimaBook is a lay-flat album designed to be an inexpensive everyday solution for family photography, seniors, engagements, portrait, and boudoir photography.

You can personalize your PrimaBook with one of our standard stamps.

PrimaBook characteristics:

  • Digital Silk Paper printed on digital press (CMYK)
  • Lay-flat pages (no images over the crease)
  • Print permanence rated at 60+ years

Price includes:

  • First 10 spreads (max 45 spreads / 90 pages)
  • Plain cover in multiple linen fabrics
  • Watercolor paper style end-papers
  • Standard embossing in Gold or one of the predefined stamps

Before you order:

  • Files should be at least 6000x3000px
  • Do not put images over the middle fold line and it is not advised to put dark images on the edge of the design. Toner cracking is possible. - More information. 
  • Review our design guidelines
  • NOTE ON COLOR: Digital press printing technology is very different from the photographic and fine art printing we use in our other albums. The color space is CMYK which does not produce the same wide spectrum of colors that the other processes offer. Sharpness and clarity are also different because the image is made up of tiny dots. This is an inherent shift you should expect when utilizing this type of print. Digital press products are the standard entry-level offering across the printing industry. 




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