slip-in folio

Slip-In Matted Folio for 6x6" Prints (SQUARE)

Intended for DIY, these self-mount folios allow you to add your own prints and/or change the prints over time. Stock them in your studio for immediate delivery to your clients and enjoy extra discounts when you purchase them in sets. 

Assembly is easy with a slot on the top of each page where you can insert a photographic print. You may choose to keep it open, which allows you to change a print in the future, or permanently fix your prints into place using a piece of double-sided tape (we recommend acid-free) and/or close off the slot in top.

Sold individually or in discounted Sets of 5 or 10.

In SETS, any cover upgrade charges are applied only once to give you extra savings!

Price includes: 

  • 2 or 3 EMPTY MATS
  • Choice of FABRIC cover material (Leather/Leatherlike unavailable)

    Prints are not included. Please order prints separately. Not compatible with thicker papers. We recommend standard Fuji photographic prints.

    • Accommodates prints sized 6x6"
    • Mat is sized 8x8"

    Choose from two capacities:

    • DUO - 2 mats to hold 2 prints
    • TRIFOLD - 3 mats to hold 3 prints

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